HO Trackside Industries

HO Trackside Industry Building Kits

Item #680    MSRP: $69.98

Dimensions - 9½" x 7" x 4½"

HO Creamery

Prior to the building of the interstate highway system in the 1950’s the railroads hauled nearly all of the milk that was consumed in the larger cities. Local farmers would deliver cans of Bessie’s best to the local creamery where it would be inspected, stored, chilled. The cans would be cleaned and returned to the farmer. The milk would be shipped to the city in railroad-hauled milk cars.

The prototypes for our kit was built at Clark’s, near Campbell Hall, NY on the New York, Ontario & Western. Similar designs could be found throughout the Northeast.

Item #681    MSRP: $43.98

Dimensions - 8½" x 5" x 4½"

HO Icehouse

Most creameries were built before mechanical refrigeration. As a result many were built with an adjacent icehouse. Icehouses were also used alone along the line for storage of ice for reefers and milk cars. Our icehouse is also based on a NYO&W design to match the creamery.

Item #682    MSRP: $94.98

Dimensions - 11½" x 7½" x 4½"

HO Meat Packing Plant

Our meat packing plant is based on a prototype built by Swift in Burlington, VT. Similar buildings could be seen throughout the Northeast and in other areas of the country, and the design was not unique to Swift with similar designs being used by Armour and others. Such a plant would get in whole carcasses in meat reefers specific to the brand. Butchers in the plant would cut up the carcasses for retail trade, and from here the finished product would be shipped out by truck to retail locations.

Item #684    MSRP: $81.98

Dimensions - 6½" x 3½" x 5"

HO County Feed

Typical small trackside industrial building that while we call it a feed store, could be used for any number of different applications. Our kit comes complete with printed signs.

Item #685    MSRP: $82.98

Dimensions - 7½" x 6" x 5"

HO Caldwell Tool & Die

Another compact trackside industry that could find many uses. Includes signs for tool & die company.

Item #686    MSRP: $53.98

Dimensions - 7¼" x 4" x 4¼"

HO Flour Mill

This kit is right at home along that siding on any layout and could easily be used to represent a number of other industrial uses as well.

Item #689    MSRP: $46.98

Dimensions - 4" x 4½" x 6½"

HO Grain Elevator

This classic trackside industry is perfect for any layout. Included are the grain elavator/loader, loading shed and small ofiice and store room.

Item #692    MSRP: $72.50

Dimensions - 10½" x 7½" x 5½"

HO George A. Nickel's Supply

Nickel's Feed is another classic trackside industry perfect for any layout. This building can be used as a feed mill or any number of other light industries.

Kit includes laser cut wood siding, peel-and-stick trim, laser cut shingles, appropriate signs and complete instructions including weathering tips.

Item #693    MSRP: $139.98

Dimensions - 11" x 12" x 8"

HO Valley Fuel

The Valley Fuel Company has been in business for many years service servicing the needs of local farmers. This structure is typical of many found throughout the country with a trackside loading dock along one side and two coal silos at one end.

Kit includes laser cut wood siding, peel-and-stick trim, laser cut shingles, appropriate signs and complete instructions including weathering tips.

Item #694    MSRP: $74.98

Dimensions - 8" x 2½" x 5"

HO Crosby Coal

Crosby's Coal was located in Danby, VT. on the Rutland Railroad. Built in 1914 the building still stands today. Similar coal dealers could be found throughout the country. Hopper loads of coal would be unloaded into the coal bins from which the coal would be sold to local homes and buisinesses.

Kit inlcuded pre-cut wood parts with one-piece resin foundation, decal signs and more!

Item #698    MSRP: $184.98

Dimensions - 12” X 5” X 7½”

HO Cobleskill Coal

Based on the well-known Cobleskill (kobe-el-skill) Coal company located in Cobleskill, NY on the old D&H, our newest kit will include tab and slot assembly, peel-and-stick trim, complete signage and photo-etched details.

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