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Item #859    MSRP $179.98

Dimensions - 11”x 10” x 3½”

N Canaan Union Station

The Canaan, Connecticut Union Station was built in 1872 at the junction of the Central New England and Housatonic railroads (both later parts of the New Haven). A major architectural landmark, this station stood intact and essentially as built until 2001 when an arson fire destroyed a major portion of the station, including its distinctive tower. The damage was severe enough that most observers considered the remaining portion of the station to be doomed. However, a grass roots local effort along with state and private funding has meant that, like a phoenix, a restored Canaan station is returning from the ashes. Owned by the Connecticut Historical Railroad Association, the station is being rebuilt to is former glory.

This kit provides an accurate period model (circa 1940) of Cannan station based on plans provided by the restoration firm along with copies of the original plans along with information provided by the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association. Kit includes wood, resin and photo-etched parts, Grandt Line baggage carts, appropriate signs and posters and much more....

Item #861    MSRP: $37.50

Dimensions - 3½ "x 1¼" x 1¾"

N Cannondale Station

The prototype for our kit was built by the New Haven railroad on its Danbury branch just north of Wilton, CT. It is a classic small town station design complete with waiting room, baggage room and operator’s track side bay window. The station still stands today, although the station building has been converted into a coffee shop - serving commuters on Metro North in ways perhaps not intended by the old New Haven!

Kit includes appropriate signs.

Item #863    MSRP: $57.50

Dimensions - 6½" x 2" x 2"

N Center Hall Depot

The prototype for this kit was built in 1884 on the old Lewisburg & Tyrone Railroad, later part of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The station still exists as a restaurant today. Our kit is based on the ststion as it appeared in the 1940's.

Kit includes appropriate signs.

Item #865    MSRP: $51.50

Dimensions - 9" x 2½" x 1½"

N Santa Fe #4 Station

This standard Santa Fe station design was used in numerous locataions on the Santa Fe.

The kit includes appropriate signs and Santa Fe design outhouse.

Item #868    MSRP: $25.50

Dimensions - 3½" x 2½ " x 1½"

N Laura Station

Another standard Santa Fe station design that was used in numerous locataions, this station would be appropriate for small and medium sized towns.

Kit includes appropriate signs and milk cans.

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