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Item #522    MSRP: $87.98

Dimensions - 6"x 8"x 6¾"

S Whitehall House*

The Whitehall is based on a home shown in the 1927 Sears catalog. The kit price of $1,863.00 included all lumber, millwork, trim, cupboards, doors, windows, hardware, gutters and downspouts – even paint and varnish. For an additional $112.00 buyers could add oak doors, trim and floors for living and dining room, and maple floors in the kitchen and bathroom!


*HO Model Shown

Item #525    MSRP: $99.98

Dimensions - 7½" x 5" x 5"

S Finley House*

The Finley house is based on a plan shown in the 1917 Aladdin catalog. They advertised this home as "being popular with the owner of any sized lot, yet it finds special favor in cities where lots are sometimes as narrow as 30, or even 25 feet. The Finley can be built very nicely on a 25 foot lot and still leave ample space for a walk on either side…..Those wanting a sixroom, two story plain house are invariably pleased with the Finley."


*HO Model Shown

Item #538    MSRP: $63.98

Dimensions - 6¾" x 3½" x 6"

S Row House*

These row houses were found in cities throughout the country. Our models are based on houses in Troy, NY as modeled on the RPI Club's New England, Berkshire & Western layout. The kit includes parts to build one complete building with optional parts so that you can modify it to one of several different versions. Build a whole neighborhood!


*HO Model Shown

Item #552    MSRP: $109.98

Dimensions - 6" x 9" x 6"

S Deluxe Farmhouse*

This grand farmhouse is designed for the affluent farmer, and with its ornate trim it is sure to be the talk of the town.


*HO Model Shown

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