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We have a variety of different home designs, perfect for any size lot and any era. In addition to these houses, we also offer a number of other home designs which are listed on our Houses Page as well as a several Historic Home models.

N House Kits

Item #800   MSRP: $103.98

Dimensions - 3"x 3" x 2¾"

N Dubois House

With their gingerbread trim and ornate decoration the Queen Anne style is what most people imagine when they think of a Victorian house. Houses of this style were built throughout the country between 1880 and WWI. They could be found in towns and cities of all sizes. Many remain today, some lovingly restored to their former glory.

The prototype for our kit is located in Livingston Manor, NY. It was built in 1884 for A.P. Dubois, a successful merchant in town. In fact, the Dubois family seemed to own a good chunk of the town between the general mercantile store and a retail coal and oil dealership. They even had a street named after them. Their house was located adjacent to the railroad tracks and across the street from the family store. The house remained the family home for many years. It still stands today, beautifully restored, a survivor from an earlier era.

Item #805    MSRP: $39.98

Dimensions - 1½"x 2¾" x 1¾"

N Company House #1*

A basic single family design, this house is the most compact of the group. It features three bedrooms upstairs with a kitchen, dining room and living room downstairs.


*HO Model Shown

Item #806  MSRP: $45.98

Dimensions - 1¾" x 3" x 2"

N Company House #2*

A larger single family design, this plan is the designed for a larger family or group. It has four bedrooms upstairs with a kitchen, dining room and living room downstairs.


*HO Model Shown

Item #807   MSRP: $26.98

Dimensions - 1¾" x 3" x 2"

N Company House #3*

A two family duplex design, house #3 has housing for two families or groups under one roof. Each half contains three bedrooms upstairs with a large kitchen, a living room and a washroom downstairs. Each half of the house has its own entry.


*HO Model Shown

Item #813    MSRP: $47.98

Dimensions - 2¾" x 2" x 2½"

N House Under Construction

Our HO housing boom continues with this unfinished home yet to be completed. The framing is in, the plywood is going on and before long the building will be closed in.

Kit includes wood parts with one piece walls featuring tab-and-slot construction for an easy to build but yet incredibly detailed structure.

Item #838    MSRP: $36.99

Dimensions - 2½" x 1¾" x 2¼"

N Row House*

These row houses were found in cities throughout the country. Our models are based on houses in Troy, NY as modeled on the RPI Club's New England, Berkshire & Western layout. The kit includes parts to build one complete building with optional parts so that you can modify it to one of several different versions. Build a whole neighborhood!


*HO Model Shown

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