HO Garages & Outbuildings


In addition to houses many catalog home companies offered outbuildings as well. One of the most popular additions would have been a garage to protect the family’s fine motor car. The Bennet Company was one firm that offered several varieties of garages. They were named after popular cars of the day, and all were said to be “well lighted, snug, substantial. Liberal space for cars, with working space aplenty at the sides.” Now you can own these excellent HO versions of these classic garages.

HO Garages & Outbuildings Kits

The Buick Garage

Item #630    MSRP: $18.98

The Cadillac Garage

Item #631    MSRP: $23.98

The Hudson Garage

Item #632    MSRP: $19.99

The Tool Shed

Item #633    MSRP: $15.98

The Tuscon Garage

Item #637   MSRP: $23.98

The Patterson Garage

Item #664    MSRP: $20.98

The Outbuildings Pack

Item #635   MSRP: $23.98

These small structures are a perfect addition to any residential property. Set includes a garage, tool shed and outhouse.

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