HO Historic House Kits


These historic houses have been chosen for their place in american history as well as their classic designs. These house kits can be used for dioramas or school projects as well as a pride of place on the layout.

We have a variety of different home designs, perfect for any size lot and any era. In addition to these houses, we also offer a number of other home designs which are listed on our Houses and our Catalog Home pages.

HO Presidential Homes

Item #602    MSRP: $76.98

Dimensions - 9" x 7½" x 4½"

HO Eisenhower Boyhood Home

Built in 1887, this modest home in Abilene Kansas was home to the Eisenhower family from 1898 until the death of Ike's mother, Ida Eisenhower in 1946. Ike lived from the age of 8 until he enrolled at West Point in 1911. Today the home has been preserved as it was when Ida died and forms the centerpiece of the Eisenhower Center and Library. Kit includes laser cut siding, peel and stick trim and windows and resin chimneys.

Item #603    MSRP: $88.98

Dimensions - 5½" x 7½" x 5"

HO Reagan Boyhood Home

The Ronald Reagan boyhood home in Dixon, Illinois is the newest in our series of presidential houses.

The Reagan family rented this modest home at 816 South Hennepin in Dixon Illinois, moving in on December 6, 1920. Ron and his brother Neil shared a small room in the house. The family lived in the house for three years.

Today the Reagan family home has been restored and is open to the public. It has been preserved as it would have looked when the family lived there in 1920.

Item #626    MSRP: $175.98

Dimensions - 5½" x 7½" x 5"

HO Abraham Lincoln Home

After renting a small house during their first year of marriage, Abe Lincoln purchased their first and only house. In May of 1844, Abraham, Mary, and their first baby son,Robert, moved into a one-and-a-half-story cottage - a house which they eventuallyexpanded into two stories, and a home where they raised their family for seventeen years.

This kit is based on plans provided by the National Park Service and portrays the house as it was when Lincoln was president. It features laser cut parts with peel and stick trim, tabbed wall construction, photo-etched porch railings (not shown in photos), gutters, downspouts, shutters – even the fence!.

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