HO & N Electronic Kits

Electronic Circuit Kits for HO & N


Item #696    MSRP: $32.98

Operates on 9-12V DC.

HO Lighthouse Flasher

The perfect accessory for the Branchline Lighthouse. Custom made to mimic the circiling effect of a real lighthouse light, this flasher circuit adds exceptional realism to your layout!

Item #791    MSRP: $32.98

Operates on 9-12V DC.

Simulated Welder Circuit

Includes assembled Circuit board with White LED and Mounting Holes. Easy assembly, just wire to 9-12 volts DC and watch it produce weld flashes for a while and then pause a few seconds and start flashing again.

Item #792    MSRP: $32.98

Operates on 9-12V DC.

Campfire Circuit

Micro-Processor controlled special effects circuit to simulate a pulsing & flashing campfire. Also looks great inside a building to simulate a building on fire. The microprocessor generates a random series of pulses so it looks like a real fire or flame.

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