N Downtown & Commercial Kits

N Downtown & Commercial Kits

Item #840    MSRP: $79.98

Dimensions - 3¾" x 4¼" x 2"

N Dubois Store

The prototype for our kit was located in Livingston Manor, NY and is typical of small town general mercantile stores throughout the country. Originally built in the 1880’s as a general merchandise store over the years it housed a barber shop, drug store, offices, even a hobby shop! It was located along side the railroad tracks and the side doors allowed access to railroad cars on the team track alongside. The building stood until destroyed by a fire in the 1970’s.

Kit inlcudes resin interior details.

Item #842    MSRP: $37.98

Dimensions - 3" x 3¼" x 3"

N Church

Perfect for any denomination, this compact church will fit on any layout. Kit includes laser-cut wood walls with peel-and-stick trim.

Item #843    MSRP: $47.98

Dimensions - 3" x 3¼" x 3"

N Roscoe Store

This classic small store once stood across the tracks from the O&W railroad station in Roscoe, NY. Over the years it housed a barber shop, confectionary store and bakery. The prototype was torn down in the 1960's to make way for highway "improvements".

Kit includes appropriate signs.

Item #844    MSRP: $23.98

Dimensions - 4½" x 1½" x 2"

N Schoolhouse

This kit is a typical classic schoolhouse. This quaint design features a resin bell. Can also be used as a small town library, community hall, or any number of other uses.

Item #854    MSRP: $34.98

Dimensions - 3½" x 3" x 1½"

N Majestic Theater

This classic theater is typical of those found in communities throughout the country. Our kit includes a collection of vintage movie posters and marquee signs to help draw in the crowds!

Item #887    MSRP: $38.50

Dimensions - 4¾" x 3½" x 2¼"

N Gas Station

For many years the local service station was a fixture in towns throughout the country. Pump attendants would pump your gas, check your oil, wash your windshield and trade stories. The local mechanic would do all sorts of maintenance and repairs based on years of knowledge and without the use of a computer diagnostic system. As cars have become more complicated and time more precious this type of full service station is fast disappearing, replaced by self-service convenience stores and specialized repair shops. The canopy style station we represent was a common design used by many companies.

Item #888    MSRP: $48.75

Dimensions - 3" x 2½" x 4"

N Weimer's Grist Mill

Weimer's is a classic water-powered grist mill. Here wheat would be ground into flour for local bakeries and homes.

Kit includes water wheel, roof top water tank and sluiceway.

Item #891    MSRP: $26.98

Dimensions - 2" x 3" x 1½"

N Dan's Welding

Dan was well known in town for his ability to patch and weld just about anything. Dan worked on all sorts of things, but loved working on rusted out cars the most. He was forced to retire after an unfortunate incident where he accidentally hit himself over the head with a hammer. The old boy just wasn't right after that¦.

Kit includes laser cut siding, peel and stick trim and windows and resin chimneys. Its small footprint of only 6"x 4" makes it perfect for a small space on the layout.

Item #895    MSRP: $59.50

Dimensions - 3½" x 4" x 6"

N Rocky Point Lighthouse

Featuring design elements from several classic lighthouses, this beautiful lighthouse includes and attached keeper's cottage. Also included are resin and photo-etched detail parts. (HO Model shown)

Working light unit (#696 - see below) sold seperately.

Item #696    MSRP: $32.98

Operates on 9-12V DC.

N Lighthouse Flasher

The perfect accessory for the Branchline Lighthouse. Custom made to mimic the circiling effect of a real lighthouse light, this flasher circuit adds exceptional realism to your layout!

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